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cobra technologyMake your seat the unfair advantange.

If you are considering to purchase an FIA approved race seat, there a many things to consider. The type of racing you will be doing, the vehicle specs and your personal characteristics are just a few. Cobra Seats gives you a vast array of motorsports seats and options to choose from.

Designed through years of extensive research with professional race and rally drivers, Cobra believe that the ultimate seat is now available for all types of Motorsport.

A shell weight that challenges convention. Cobra Technology® is available in Imola, Suzuka and Evolution format in two widths. The shell weights start at 3.75 kilos for the Imola, reaching just 5.1 kilos for the heaviest design, the Evolution. Each shell is manufactured in pure carbon, using revolutionary moulding techniques and unique processes to produce an individually numbered masterpiece of composite engineering.

Added to the shell is a dual density, three layer structure of Confor® foam. Confor® foam is a unique material and under sustained pressure and exposure to body warmth will soften and flow, conforming to a driver's body. Unlike normal foam, Confor® will dissipate impact energy, instead of recoiling and amplifying it. The result is the filtration of all vibration and impact energy, whilst the seat is still telling you exactly what the car is doing.

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